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April 2024

As Workcred Turns 10, Quality Credentials are a Sign of the Times
As we reach a milestone anniversary this year, we want to express our gratitude to our many partners who have worked with us to improve the U.S. credentialing system. In the decade since our launch, Workcred continues to build connections with industry and academic partners, expand on research efforts, and roll out new resources—from interactive graphics to national workshops.

October 2023

Unpacking the Power of Credentials
At Workcred, we talk a lot about the importance of transparency and collaboration when it comes to understanding the value of credentials, but what is the true return on investment of credentials? What do the credentials mean to workers and employers? For starters, we need quality insights and data from the people who represent and work in the industry. The great news is that we’ve set efforts in motion with a few valuable resources and efforts that showcase the value and promise of credentials.

June 2023

Workcred’s Alliances Support a New Era of Credentialing
Collaboration is one of the best ways we can improve educational and career outcomes for all. As we turn the page to summer and reflect on the last few months, I am pleased to share how Workcred has taken a proactive approach with new alliances that help align credentials with workforce needs and provide new career pathways. Right now, we continue to build strong networks that help us access information (and data) to inform and empower our decisions for a better future. After all, isn’t that the ultimate goal?

January 2023

Reflections on 2022: What Inspires Our Work
A new year is an ideal time to reflect on what inspires us. As we launch into 2023, I must recognize the people and partnerships that continue to make a difference and inspire our mission at Workcred. From collaborations to improve the effectiveness of credentialing pathways to one-on-one discussions with experts on job skills and workforce topics, we’ve had a lot of inspiring work and growth in 2022.


September 2022

Staying on Course: Forging Alliances to Strengthen Certification Awareness
As scholars and colleges begin a new school year all across the nation, I can’t help but recognize how much academia has evolved in just a few years. We’ve gone from traditional curricula and diplomas to a new wave of programs that elevate skill sets and prepare the new and returning workforce with the greatest chance of success across industries. Our Workcred team is happy to share how we support this more transformative education, through several key partnerships and opportunities.

April 2022

Forecasting for an Abundance of New and Diverse Opportunities
This spring, exciting opportunities abound for Workcred in the form of events, a new micro-chat series, and several thought-provoking publications. As we continue to build on one of our goals to demonstrate how certifications serve as part of lifelong pathways for career advancement, I have some recent updates that reflect how diversified our outreach has become. From a grant that helps support learners from low-income and underserved backgrounds, to our efforts to share how pandemic-related changes affect the quality of credentials, we’re committed to bringing our community well-informed data and research, thanks to recent collaborations that I’m proud to share with you.

January 2022

Credentials and the Workforce: A Look Ahead
Here’s some good news to start off 2022: the labor-market recovery is on the uptick, with wages growing faster than at any point in the decade before the pandemic. Amidst the inspiring forecast, I’m happy to share how the Workcred team has already launched into action to showcase how credentials support employability—and improve the development and experiences of workers and employers alike.


September 2021

Contributing to Greater Change, One Conversation at a Time
The greatest positive changes often start with a conversation. We are delighted to bring our workforce expertise to the table—and draw insights from others—during what has proven to be a busy year full of renewed optimism and national dialogue. Together, we have joined conferences, roundtables, broadcasts, and penned Op-Eds about how we can collectively improve the workforce landscape, support greater diversity, and use credential pathways to enhance education.

April 2021

Embarking on New Collaborations for a Stronger Credentialing Future
For many of us, the road ahead looks much brighter than it did just a year ago. Recent news inspires some optimism: reports reveal that the U.S. is emerging as the main engine for global economic recovery. We know that credentials—so vital during these times of recovery—help elevate an individual's economic mobility. That is why I am proud to share how Workcred is on track to take the potential of credentials to the next level.


December 2020

Shining a Light on a New Era of Possibilities
Optimistic thinking can help us navigate through the most challenging times. At Workcred, we recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired many Americans to reassess, and even reimagine their careers. As people upskill, reskill, or even shift to different career paths entirely, they may find that they need a starting point to help them make sense of credentials. They may also need guidance on how to choose credentials that offer high value within a competitive workforce.

September 2020

Speaking the Same Credentialing Language Opens Doors to Progress
Amid these uncertain times, many of us are looking to secure a better future in the workforce. As the pandemic has disrupted businesses and created challenges for dislocated workers and new job seekers, now is a time to consider credentialing solutions that help ensure qualified employees. Yet in order to make progress, we have to be on the same page about what credentials mean, which ones have quality and market value, and how to use them to succeed.

April 2020

United We Stand: Knowledge Sharing Creates Better Outcomes
During this challenging time, it is as important as ever to continue to support the needs of workers and employers so that everyone succeeds. Until we can meet again in person, I am pleased to keep you informed of Workcred’s progress to strengthen the workforce with valuable, effective, and quality credentials.


December 2019

2019 in Review and a Look to the Future
With 2020 just days away and the holiday season upon us, there is no better time to express my gratitude to the many champions of our mission. Your collective participation helps strengthen our efforts as we aim to create a stronger workforce that is equipped with valuable and effective credentials. As our Workcred team celebrates its milestone five-year anniversary, I am honored to share some highlights of this eventful year.

September 2019

Building an Effective Workforce for the Future
A new and exciting era in workforce is here, stemming from emerging high-tech needs and changing work environments that require new types of skills. As American companies get more cutting edge and struggle to keep up with changing skill needs, how do the current credentials fit into the future of the workforce? More importantly, how can we equip individuals and employers with the highest quality and most valuable credentials – those that are agile enough to evolve with the demands of the ever-changing workplace, and that equate to successful careers for years to come?

May 2019

Creating a More Integrated and Effective Credentialing System
True or False: The U.S. credentialing system is confusing and impossible to navigate. The answer is perhaps less straightforward than you might think. Let’s face it: The U.S. credentialing system is confusing. From certifications, licenses, and numerous different types of certificates to MicroMasters, badges, and superbadges, the number and variety of credentials is growing.


December 2018

2018 Highlights and Partnerships for the New Year
As another year draws to a close, we delight in the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, the partnerships that helped make them possible, and announce exciting new ventures on the horizon.

July 2018

Do employers value credentials? How do they use them in their hiring and retention practices? What do employers see as the right mix of employability and technical skills?
These are among the questions answered by a new Workcred report examining the use of credentials in the U.S. manufacturing sector.

April 2018

Standing Up for Quality
Given the choice, would you choose quantity over quality? Probably not. And yet, when it comes to the world of credentials, some credentialing issuers have created exactly that: an upside-down world where credentials abound but quality is elusive. Simply creating more credentials without regard for quality is not the solution.