Standardization and Workforce Credentials

This video series outlines the purpose of standards, how workforce credentials are supported by standards, and the value of accredited credentials.


Part I: The Basics of Standardization
Part I discusses the elements of standards and the process to develop and revise standards. In addition, this video highlights the importance of voluntary standards to public safety as well as aspects of everyday life.
Part II: Credentials and Assessments Built on Standards
Part II explores how standards play a role in the development of credentials, like personnel certifications and in the operation of certification bodies.
Part III: The Value of Accredited Credentials
Part III highlights the value of accreditation, and explains how accreditation uses standards that set quality assurance for credentials.
Part IV: Outcomes of Standardization
Part IV discusses the outcomes of standards for certification programs, like improved or increased employability and decreased public safety concerns. In addition, this video recommends increased data collection efforts and standards in order to better quantify these outcomes.