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Workcred authors articles on a variety of credentialing issues and trends for publication in workforce- and education-focused news sources.
Read Workcred’s point of view on quality, credentials, the workforce, and how to create a more integrated and effective credentialing system.
Workcred hosts events, workshops, and webinars to explore solutions to workforce and credentialing issues.
Workcred has developed various resources to help you better understand and navigate the credentialing system.
See how Workcred’s projects and staff are being nationally recognized and covered by various media outlets.
Workcred’s executive director shares insights and highlights workforce trends and credentialing solutions through regularly distributed newsletters.
See presentations that Workcred staff have delivered at national workforce, education, and credentialing-focused conferences and events.
See what Workcred has been doing to strengthen workforce quality and improving the credentialing system.
Workcred regularly develops reports to highlight solutions to workforce and credentialing issues or as culmination of work projects with partners.
Workcred is creating a variety of videos to provide clarity and guidance on the credentialing system.
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