Workcred's Roy Swift to Moderate Workforce Skills Credentialing Panel at Association of Test Publishers Conference


Workcred's executive director, Roy Swift, Ph.D., will moderate a panel on "Workforce Skills Credentialing: A Global Review" on February 20 at the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) Conference in San Antonio. He will lead expert discussions related to the growing international credentialing market, including credential security, portability, and a newly published ATP framework intended for use by organizations that issue credentials.

Dr. Swift leads efforts at Workcred, which was established in 2014 as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) affiliate, to create greater clarity in the U.S. credentialing marketplace. The organization focuses on achieving a competency-driven workforce credentialing ecosystem through research, consulting, and education.

At the event, which runs from February 18 through 21, Dr. Swift will join international experts representing regions including China, Europe, and the Middle East who will provide their insights on the progress in workforce skills credentialing market in their respective countries. Panelists will also discuss challenges related to credential portability across their respective states, regions, and countries, and offer thoughts on potential solutions.

One such solution is the ATP's newly released Credentialing Security Framework and Security Report, intended to bring greater clarity and transparency to the workforce skills credentialing market, inspiring greater trust in credentials and encouraging appropriate use of credentials.

The Workforce Skills Credentialing Security Framework was developed in conjunction with expert volunteers and key stakeholders involved with the workforce skills credentialing ecosystem, including feedback from Dr. Swift. It is Book 2 of a two-part project designed to bring greater clarity to the workforce skills credentialing market. The resource can be used as a follow-up to Book 1, Workforce Skills Credentialing: Security Survey Report, as a stand-alone guide, or together with the efforts of other organizations (e.g., Connecting Credentials, the European Commission) to provide greater transparency regarding assessment-based workforce skills credentials. A PDF of the framework is available free of charge; hard copies of the book are also available for purchase at ATP's online bookstore.

"I'm excited to be part of this initiative to further the goal of clear and transparent initiatives," said Dr. Swift. "Most of all, I'm hopeful that the framework will help create more trust in the credentialing ecosystem, especially as the use of credentials expands across markets."

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