Executive Director, Workcred to Present at AACC's 2019 Workshop Development Institute


Executive Director, Workcred to Present at AACC's 2019 Workshop Development Institute

As part of a long-term effort to raise awareness about the value of credentials and their connection to a stronger and better-prepared workforce, Roy Swift, Ph.D., executive director of Workcred, an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) affiliate, will present at the American Association of Community Colleges Workforce Development Institute (AACC WDI) on Friday, February 1, in San Diego.

AACC's theme, "Skill Up, Step Up!," will highlight best practices between industry, foundation, and federal partners to advance workforce development initiatives. During the segment highlighting Workcred, "The Credential Challenge: Are You Ready to Play?," Dr. Swift will share Workcred's recent data on how manufacturing employers are using credentials, as highlighted in its 2018 report, Examining the Quality, Market Value, and Effectiveness of Manufacturing Credentials in the United States.

The segment will highlight how companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Salesforce plan to partner with community colleges to make programs and credentials more accessible and valuable. The session will underscore the disruptive ways that stakeholders can collaborate with such companies to maximize the quality, value, and effectiveness of credentials in the workplace. Dr. Swift will join expert panelists Kathy Mannes, vice president of Jobs for the Future, and Mahmoud Ramadan, program manager for Google.org.

AACC's WDI 2019 will run from January 30 - February 2. See the full agenda online.

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