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June 9, 2021
Quality Credentialing: What Is It And What Do You Do With It?
Dr. Roy Swift, Workcred’s executive director, presented Workcred’s recent work to increase the quality, market value, and effectiveness of credentials in the U.S. to the Midwestern Higher Education Compact’s Comprehensive Learner Records Advisory Group (MHEC CLR AG). This group of individuals from a variety of constituencies explores specific areas of interest and helps MHEC strategize and prioritize additional projects within the area of digital credentialing and comprehensive learner records to bring value to MHEC’s member states. The advisory group looks at areas where technology and higher education intersect, seeking collaborations across the region that can produce benefits for the Midwest that otherwise would be difficult to achieve at state and institutional levels.
By: Roy Swift
Hosted by: Midwestern Higher Education Compact
May 20, 2021
Transforming Higher Education: The Role of Micro-Credentials and Collaboration
During HEInnovate webinar focused on micro-credentials, Karen Elzey, Workcred's associate executive director, provided insights into the work already done on micro-credentials in the U.S., particularly within bachelor’s degree programs. Moderated by Rebecca Allinson from the Technopolis Group, Elzey joined panelists Klara Engels-Perenyi, from the European Commission, and Alisson Avila and Christian Friedl of the FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences.
By: Karen Elzey
Hosted by: HEInnovate
February 3, 2021
Variable Impacts of New Credentials for the Older Worker
Workcred's director of research, Isabel Cardenas-Navia, Ph.D., shared the findings during a recent Federal Reserve event on “Uneven Outcomes in the Labor Market: Understanding Trends and Identifying Solutions.” Researchers, policymakers, and practitioners at the conference examined disparities in employment, labor force participation, income, and wealth across demographic groups. Dr. Cardenas-Navia joined panelists Julie L. Hotchkiss of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; Ryan James Parsons, doctoral candidate at Princeton University; and Chauncy Lennon of Lumina Foundation during the education and credentials session of the conference.
By: Isabel Cardenas-Navia
Hosted by: the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, and Philadelphia


October 29, 2020
Certificates, Certifications and Degrees: How to Tell the Difference and Why It’s Important
Refining credentialing language will help clarify understanding for workers and employers alike. Dr. Roy Swift, executive director of Workcred, amplified this message to construction industry experts at the 5th Annual Industry Forum on Personnel Qualifications presented by the NCCCO Foundation. He also emphasized the need to address differences between certifications and certificates, and spoke about the urgency to better define various types of credentials, as well as regulation on training.
By: Roy Swift
Hosted by: the NCCCO Foundation
October 7, 2020
Elevating the Visibility, Relevance, and Value of Certifications to Help Close the Pandemic Divide
As the COVID-19 pandemic has created a social and economic divide that disproportionately affects workers who had jobs in industries that may not recover to previous employment levels, Workcred provides recommendations to the certification community for action. Through this presentation given to certification experts at a Certification Network Group webinar, Workcred discusses ways to elevate the visibility, relevance, and value of certifications to help close the pandemic divide.
By: Roy Swift
Hosted by: The Certification Network Group