Aligning and Embedding Industry Certifications with Bachelor’s Degrees

Improved career outcomes for students―including higher salaries, improved rates of hire, and faster promotion tracks―are the ultimate goal of this initiative. Along with its partners APLU, USU, and UPCEA, Workcred brought together universities and certification bodies from across the nation to identify opportunities to embed certifications into undergraduate degree programs in the growing fields of healthcare, cybersecurity, manufacturing, and the liberal arts.

The ultimate output of the project is the development of a framework laying the groundwork for potential future phases to test the different models and practices identified to better align certifications and degrees.


Embedding Certifications into Bachelor’s Degrees:
Certification-Degree Pathways Project Framework

If after viewing the framework you have any feedback on the content of the report, examples of a certification-degree pathway, or ideas on how to shape future phases of this work, please let us know.

Appendices to Certification-Degree Pathways Project Framework
Questions for Universities to Ask Certification Bodies to Assess Quality of Certifications

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